The data platform that powers your SolidJS application

Build performant, powerful and productive frontends with SolidJS and GraphQL.

Grafbase + SolidJS

SolidJS gives you all the tools you need to build production scale applications. Whether you need to fetch data on the server, at build time when creating a static export, or caching on demand, SolidJS has you covered.

Fetch data on the server inside SolidStart routes.
Fetch data on the server inside SolidStart routes.


Simon Grimm@schlimmson

Tried @grafbase and was impressed how easy & fast it was to create your serverless GraphQL API + local instance 🔥

Rasmus Hjulskov@RasmusHjulskov

Current fantasy tech stack 🚀: - @nextjs - @tailwindcss - @typescript - @trpcio - @grafbase - @ClerkDev


As an engineer, I'm always on the lookout for tools that make my job easier and more efficient. @grafbase has quickly become a go-to for me in my #GraphQL development work. Its real-time query execution and intuitive schema management have saved me countless hours of debugging


Done playing with @Cloudflare Pages & Workers, for now. Now to learn some @grafbase and see how if it can play a role, because it is pretty nifty!

Bobby Blastbeats@tubbo

not sure if @grafbase is so good that it will actually obviate my entire job, or if it's good enough that i can use it at work without someone questioning my existence. either way, i am sold on the concept of "upload some SDL and query shit, stop worrying about the DB infra".


Damn, trying out the @grafbase beta & it's super slick! Feels like what @planetscaledata is doing for databases, @Grafbase is going for #GraphQL 🔥

Build a Solid backend with Grafbase

We’ve made it super easy to get started integrating Grafbase with SolidJS.


Learn the basics of Grafbase and deploy to production in only a few short steps.

Developer Guides

Learn how to use Grafbase with frontend frameworks, external APIs, and more.

SolidStart Example

See how Grafbase works with SolidJS, SolidStart and TypeScript in this example.